Sponsors & Proceeds

Last year was the first year of the Winston County Gravel Cup, and we accomplished the goal of raising some money for local Houston organizations. With 88 riders last year we were thrilled to raise $2000 to donate to The Houston Nature Center, and the International Owl Center. We are thankful for all the riders' generosity as $1000 makes a difference to these two entities.

The Houston Nature Center was our base camp last year and will continue to be for years to come. This center is run strictly on donations, no other funding is received from the state or city. So if you're feeling generous, feel free to donate a bit extra. The center is at the end of the Root River trail, a paved trail that goes on for 60 miles. It is also nestled in AMAZING gravel riding country. The large field and amphitheater give us a great spot for the start/finish line, as well as a large area for awards and post-ride shenanigans. Included in the amenities are super clean showers and bathrooms, on-site camping, and ample parking. We invite you to come and stay for the weekend, and enjoy the beauty of Houston, and the gravel-filled bluffs!

The second organization we donated to was the International Owl Center. They have been a fixture in Houston for years. Their mission is to make the world a better place for owls through education and research. When you are in town, stop by. There are so many cool things to see including live owls! It is a great educational experience for young and old!

We have not yet determined who will be benefiting from funds donated this year, but rest assured all money raised will be kept in Houston. We plan to donate to the Nature Center, and another organization every year. Houston gives us an amazing venue, and riding, let's give a little back!






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